Finding your place in combat is a key element of most Final Fantasy titles. The following professional edges, together with the right arcane background and equipment, should allow you to mimic almost any character in the series, combat wise. If you believe the list is lacking something, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

Combat HealerEdit

Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Magick), White Magick: d8+, Healing d8+

A White Mage was never meant to go headfirst into a brawl. Characters with this edge can use close-ranged healing powers (touch) at a range equal to their Smarts. Must be wielding a rod to utilize this edge.


Requirements: Novice, St d6+, Fighting: d10+

A skilled fighter doesn't just stand there while being pummeled. With this skill, a character gets a free attack action per round against a foe actively attacking at melee range. This attack is always an unarmed strike, (normally a kick, elbow or head-butt). The edge does not work against surprise or stealth attacks.


Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Magick), Red Magick d8+, Fighting d8+

This edge allows a Red Mage to cast two Magicks on the same round under regular multi-action penalties. Must be wielding a rapier to utilize this edge.


Requirements: Seasoned, Shooting d8+

One of the side effects of an archer's constant target practice is the penchant for developing different trick shots. With this edge an archer can shoot two arrows at once with a bow (see Double-tap)


Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background: (Charm), Pace: 6"+, Song d6+, Fighting D6+, Stealth d6+

A skilled bard can slip away from deadly confrontations while whistling a nonchalant tune. This edge saves a bard from the Withdrawing From Close Combat rule (see core rulebook).


Requirements: Novice, A d8+, Shooting d8+, Repair d6+

True gun enthusiasts know their guns better than the back of their hands. It takes one less action to reload a "Black Powder" gun with this edge.


Requirements: Novice, Aim, Survival 10d+, Stealth d6+

Hunters know the wilderness as well as their bow. With this edge the user inflicts +1d6 Damage when using the Aim maneuver against animals and monsters.

Martial ArtsEdit

Requirements: Novice, St d6+, V d6+, Fighting d10+

When you are a martial artist your fists are your weapons. Players with this edge are immune to the Unarmed Defender rule (see Core Rules) and they may also perform an extra attack per round (kick, headbutt) under regular multi-action penalties.

Monkey GripEdit

Requirements: Seasoned, Str d10+, Fighting d8+

A warrior with this edge can comfortably wield a two-handed weapon with one hand.


Requirements: Novice, Sp d8+, Power: Shape Change (any arcane background), Beast Master

Morphers don't just observe beasts, they become beasts. With this edge a hero may turn into any non-intelligent creature he or she has slain personally (see Finishing Move rule) regardless of the normal limitations of the Shape Change power.


Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Magick), Power: Quickness, Green Magick d10, Level Headed

Some green mages specialize in manipulating the flow of time to their party's advantage, becoming the ultimate support mage: the Time Mage. With this edge, the player may give up his or her turn, allowing an ally who has not acted during the round to act instead. The user may take a movement action before utilizing this edge. Must be wielding a staff to utilize this edge. The ally does not act again on the originally drawn initiative.


Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Alchemy), Repair d4+, Survival d4+, Stealth d4+

A professional ranger can place deadly traps to turn the battlefield into a weapon. The user must expend one alchemic item and make a successful repair roll to place a trap in any adjacent space. Traps are inconspicuous but a successful notice roll may suffice to find it if the target has a reason to be looking. Upon landing on that grid space, the item bursts and affects the target and surrounding spaces. Area effect powers only.


Requirements: Veteran, Doubleshot

With this edge an archer can load and shoot three arrows at once (see three-round burst).

Weapon TossEdit

Requirement: Novice, St d8+, Throwing d8+, Arcane Background (Ninjitsu)

A ninja knows when to keep his distance, even when he runs out of shurikens. This edge allows the character to use any melee weapon as one of the "throwing" variety (with a range of 3/6/12) Use the throwing skill to determine if it hits and the weapon's damage rate. The player has to figure out how and when to get the weapon back. A critical fail on the throwing roll means the weapon was thrown out of reach and lost forever.