Welcome to the Final Savagery Wiki

Welcome! This page is about a little project I'm doing in my free time.

What I'm trying to do is convert the races, classes and general feel of the Ivalice setting of Square-Enix's Final Fantasy Series (Specifically the Tactics series and FFXII) into Pinnacle's Savage Worlds role-playing game in the simplest, most straightforward way possible. Unlike most Final Fantasy games, those in the Ivalice Alliance series are set in the same world, although they stick to the FF tradition of not being direct sequels of one another. So far it appears both concepts are insanely compatible and lots of fun.

My goal is to introduce SW fans to the FF world and vice-versa, and for them to be able to print a few extra sheet of papers and be ready for a game.

If you're interested in the project then you're already part of it! For now editing is restructed, so I'll accept all feedback via comments or let me know if you wish to become an administrator.


The project has been inactive for a while due to personal business, to the point Wikia warned me it would give the page up for adoption! Contact me viamy Google+ Profile if you wish to collaborate!


Latest activity

  • For now I'm in the process of bringing the info over from the old blog.